St Albans Secondary College

St Albans Secondary College

  1. St Albans Secondary College have been with CHASE since 2016. The school sits in the Brimbank City Council municipality.
  2. There were 43 students from St Albans Secondary College participating in the CHASE program in 2019.

Why did you want to be a part of CHASE?

We chose to be involved in CHASE because we believe it will benefit our students in relation to their understanding of health and well being issues. It also allows them to display employability skills and connect with their community.

What do you enjoy/value most about the CHASE program?

Our students learnt to engage with mentors, community agencies and the wider school community and learnt to make SMART goals and improve confidence and communication skills in the planning of their projects.

Laura Gough – VCAL Coordinator and Senior School Level Coordinator, St Albans Secondary College