Project Phase

Project Phase

The project phase is made up of six core workshops and empowers students to use the knowledge and skills gained in the education phase to develop their own ideas for an original community-based project. These projects will address health concerns within their community, as identified by the students. Students are encouraged to engage with their local community and make a positive impact on their community’s health.

Introduction and Project Proposal

To start planning a school or community-based project and complete a formal project proposal.

Leadership and Contacting Community Organisations

To explore action roles within a team and discuss how to contact community organisations.

Contingency Planning, Budgets and Fundraising

To complete project planning, develop a project execution backup plan, budget and fundraising opportunities.

Teamwork and Conflict Resolution

To discuss teamwork and team roles, leadership and conflict resolution.


Preparing for Presentations

To create presentations about school or community-based projects and practice public speaking.

Project Reflection

To reflect on the school or community-based project and the process of completing the project.