Our Mentors

Our Mentors

Through CHASE, Year 11 VCAL students are encouraged and supported by a group of enthusiastic and passionate CHASE mentors. Over the course of the school year, our CHASE mentors deliver a number of workshops to these students at a 4:1 student to mentor ratio, comprising two major phases: an Education Phase and a Project Phase.

Education Phase

During the first half of the year, CHASE mentors deliver six education workshops to VCAL students in participating schools, focussed on the six health topics that form the basis of the CHASE curriculum; Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sexual Health, Drugs and Alcohol, Mental Health and the Social Determinants of Health. Our mentors facilitate discussions and run activities in their classes to help inform, engage and empower their students.

Project Phase

During the second half of the year, participating VCAL students will create, develop and implement a project that aims to create social change within their local communities based on one of the six health topics covered during Education Phase. CHASE mentors will facilitate, guide and inspire students during this process through the provision of project management workshops.