Our Committee

Senior Management Team

Lead by the CEO, the Senior Management team are responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic direction of CHASE. Each Senior Manager is responsible for their respective portfolio and the implementation of the CHASE Strategic Plan. 

Wallace Jin

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Xie

Senior Financial Manager

Alex Kilner

Senior Operations Manager

Jessica Yun

Senior Engagement Manager

Georgia Harris

Senior Program Manager

Engagement Team

The Engagement team liaise with CHASE schools and community partners, acting as an intermediary between external stakeholders and CHASE members. 

Anushka Lakhwara

Engagement Manager

Michelle Le

Mentor Manager

Jessica Todero

Mentor Manager

Eva Wang

Mentor Manager

Chloe Quinlan

School Engagement Officer

Brock Manson

School Engagement Officer

Briony Anderson

School Engagement Officer

Program Team

The Program team play a critical role in developing, refining and evaluating the CHASE curriculum. They also play a pivotal role in managing community partnerships and delivering mentor training workshops to equip mentors with required skills and knowledge. 

Aaron Yin

Program Consultant

Jack Fallon

Program Consultant

Kim Do

Program Consultant

Jasmine Chan

Program Consultant

Joanna Anagnostou

Program Consultant

Kathryn Smith

Evaluation Manager

Monica Enriquez

Evaluation Consultant

Komala Murugiah

Community Engagement Leader

Susan Saldanha

Community Engagement Leader

Operations Team

The Operations team provide strategic and operational guidance for CHASE, including mentor management, human resources and IT services. This team is also responsible for CHASE’s branding and marketing strategy.

Julie Ja

Human Resources Manager

Carolyn Zhang

Marketing Manager

William Jiang

Events Manager

Sirani McNeill

IT Manager

Zoe Marks

Human Resources Consultant

Angie Phong

Human Resources Consultant

Amy Leong

Human Resources Consultant

Kye-Lee Cheong

Human Resources Consultant

Mary-Jeanne Li

Branding & Campaign Officer

Samina Hassan

Communications Officer

Finance Team

The Finance team is responsible for the financial sustainability of CHASE by monitoring its financial plans and reports as well as raising funds through fundraisers and managing sponsorships.

William Truong

Finance Officer

Ahra Oh

Compliance Officer

Advisory Team

The Advisory team are a select group of CHASE alumni who provide strategic and operational oversight to the CHASE Committee. 

Monica Pham

Human Resources Advisor

Eresha Abenayake

Program Advisor

Jacinta Martin

Executive Advisor

Tharindu Jayadeva

Community Engagement Advisor