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Our CEO and Senior Management Team

Lead by the CEO, the Senior Management team are responsible for the day to day management of CHASE. Each Senior Manager is responsible for their own respective portfolio whilst also being responsible for the implementation of the CHASE Strategic Plan. The Senior Management team and their respective portfolios aim to meet on a monthly basis.

Michael Lim

Chief Executive Officer

Rui Jin

Senior Financial Manager

Miki Novak

Senior Operations Manager

Jacinta Martin

Senior External Relations Manager

Eresha Abenayake

Senior Projects Manager


The Operations team provide strategic and operational guidance for CHASE, including mentor management, human resources and IT services.

Monica Pham

Human Resources Advisor

Jenny Bui

Human Resources Manager

Vi-An Le

Human Resources Consultant

Claudia Seers

Human Resources Consultant

Paul Noelson Angeles

HR Consultant (Generalist)

Gabi Korosi

HR Consultant (Generalist)

Jeffrey Xia

HR Consultant (People & Development)

Isabella Tobin

HR Consultant (Recruitment)

Sophie Tran

Mentor Manager

Danny Zhang

Mentor Manager

Tahlia Sugrue

Mentor Manager

Sheng Wu

I.T. Consultant

External Relations

The External Relations team liaises with CHASE schools and community partners, acting as an intermediary between external stakeholders and CHASE members. This team is also responsible for CHASE’s branding and marketing strategy.

Tharindu Jayadeva

External Relations Consultant

Community Liaison Officer

Hayden Micallef

External Relations Consultant

Lauren Young

External Relations Consultant

Prateeti Sabhlock

Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Monica Enriquez

Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Marcus Wong

Marketing Manager

Hayley Goodgame

Design Officer

Sanya Khanijow

 Social Media Officer

Kesya Adhalia

Marketing Officer


The Projects team work to develop the CHASE curriculum; ensuring that information is current and reliable. They are also responsible for organising mentor training workshops and managing student’s school and community-based projects.

Leah Sleaby

Projects Consultant

Sarah Pathak

Projects Consultant

Wallace Jin

 Projects Consultant

Olivia Guebala

Health Evaluation Consultant

Shaan De Mel

Projects Consultant


The Finance team is responsible for the financial sustainability of CHASE by monitoring its financial plans and reports as well as raising funds through fundraisers and managing sponsorships.

Johanna Gehards

Grant Writing Officer

Kyle Wu

Fundraising Officer

Rufi Chen

Corporate Sponsorship Officer