The miniCHASE program is a condensed version of the full CHASE program. The full CHASE program is only offered to those schools which have successfully completed the miniCHASE program. The miniCHASE program will be offered to one school per year to ensure sustainable growth is maintained. miniCHASE’s purpose is to introduce new schools to the concept of CHASE and to gauge the overall suitability and applicability of the CHASE program to the school and its students. It is our hope that schools who successfully trial the miniCHASE program will consider upgrading to the full CHASE program in subsequent years.

If you or your school are interested in participating in the miniCHASE program, please contact the Senior External Relations Manager at [email protected].

Education Phase workshops

These two workshops will revolve around educating the students about a health topic which is of particular relevance to them / their school. We ask schools to pick two out of the five topics we cover in our full CHASE program (nutrition; physical activity; sexual health; drugs and alcohol; or mental health).

Planning and Skills Development

This workshop provides students with the opportunity to plan their school-based group presentations (based on either one of the Education Phase topics from the first two workshops) and will focus on developing soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, planning and communication.


This workshop gives students the opportunity to practice their presentation in front of their mentors and peers, to ensure that students are confident with their public speaking and presentation skills.

Final Presentation

Students will make their final presentations, to other classes / year levels / campuses / any other relevant groups.