Mentor Training Workshops

Mentor Training Workshops

Prior to delivering each workshop at schools, CHASE mentors are expected to attend mandatory training workshops. Mentor Training workshops are usually 90 minutes in duration and held on a weekday evening. It is at these Training Workshops where mentors will be given the knowledge, educational materials and tools to successfully deliver the workshops in schools. These workshops are also an opportunity to up skill our mentors for their own personal development and general knowledge. There is also an opportunity for mentors to engage and discuss topics and ideas with fellow CHASE committee members.

Partner Organisations

For the Education Phase, we invite an expert in the field to give an informative and engaging presentation on one of our health topics: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sexual Health, or Mental Health. For the Social Determinants of Health topic and the Action Phase Mentor Training workshops, our dedicated Projects team work to create and present this content for the benefit of the mentors and the program.

Organisations who have presented at our Mentor Training workshops include Bits and Bods, Ygender, headspace and Turning Point.

Bits and Bods


headspace Sunshine

Turning Point

If you or your organisation are interested in presenting at our Mentor Training workshops, please contact [email protected].