Education Phase

Education Phase

The Education Phase of the CHASE program consists of six core workshops that form a diverse health curriculum centred on the social determinants of health

Introduction and Nutrition

To introduce students to mentors and the CHASE program. To identify influences on food choices and develop strategies for healthy eating. To understand the benefit of healthy eating on health and wellbeing

Physical Activity

To understand the benefits of physical activity for a person’s health and wellbeing. To understand the barriers to exercise and learn how to overcome them in everyday life.

Respect and Relationships

To discuss gender, sexuality and sexual health.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

To understand the social, behavioural and psychological effects of licit and illicit drugs, and the motivation/reason behind why people use drugs. To encourage students to respect their bodies and their minds. To empower students to make their own decisions through the reinforcement of what being healthy means.

Mental Health

To discuss mental health and wellbeing whilst reducing the stigma in discussing mental health. Empower students to support their friends and encourage help seeking behaviour.

The Social Determinants of Health

To discuss the factors that can influence health and wellbeing. To prepare students for the Project Phase.