Copperfield College

Copperfield College

Copperfield College have been with CHASE since its inception in 2013. The school sits in the Brimbank City Council municipality.

There were 108 students from Copperfield College participating in the CHASE program in 2019.

Why did you want to be a part of CHASE?

Strong partnerships between a school, its teachers, parents and community make a positive contribution to students learning. CHASE has been the platform to help enhance community engagement at Copperfield College.

CHASE has provided the Year 11 VCAL students with the opportunity to develop meaningful partnerships with the broader community. This opportunity has also been the bridge to help students achieve educational outcomes whilst completing their intermediate certificate. The complexity of many of the community projects in the past has demonstrated an increased awareness of preventable diseases and the opportunities available in the community to fight these diseases.

What do you enjoy/value most about the CHASE program?

CHASE has provided the opportunity for VCAL students to forge strong relationships in the local community and it’s been rewarding to witness students grow and develop further on their personal developmental skills. The CHASE program which has been supported by the active wider school community has resulted in improvements in student outcomes and has been an invaluable and rewarding program for the VCAL students at Copperfield College.

CHASE showcase during Term 4, sees a celebration of all students’ community projects with parents, staff and members of the community

Lorenne Clarke – VCAL Coordinator at Copperfield College Delahey Campus